Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) consists of ten members. All directors are nominated by the Government of the Punjab including the Chairman. Out of total ten directors, the Chairman is MNA, two directors are MPA, four are ex-officio directors from public sector and the rest of the directors are from private sector including the CEO who is the deemed director. The day-to-day management of the Company is conducted by the Chief Executive Officer under supervision and control of the Board of Directors.

The SPFC Board plays a pivotal role in ensuring good governance. Its style of functioning is democratic. The Members of the Board have always had complete freedom to express their opinion and decisions are taken on the basis of a consensus arrived at after detailed discussion. The Members are also free to bring up any matter for discussion at the Board Meetings with the permission of the Chairman. The Board's role, functions, responsibility and accountability are clearly defined in the Memorandum & Articles of Association, Companies Ordinance, 1984, and Corporate Governance Rules for Public Sector Companies, 2013. In addition to its primary role of setting corporate goals and monitoring corporate performance, it directs and guides the activities of the Management towards the set goals and seeks accountability with a view to ensure that the corporate philosophy to create long term sustainable growth that translates itself into progress, prosperity and the fulfillment of stakeholders' aspirations, is accomplished. It also sets standards of corporate behaviour and ensures ethical behaviour at all times and strict compliance with laws and regulations.

Board of Directors Designation
Mr. Abdul Basit, Chairman, Big Bird Group Chairman
Ashiq Ahmed Khan, Natural Resource Forestry Expert Director
Dr. Amena Hasan, Business Entrepreneur Director
Dr. Masood Arshad, Director Conservation, WWF-Pakistan Director
Secretary, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department Director
Additional Secretary (ES), Finance Department Director
Chief (Agri), Planning & Development Department Director
Chief Executive Officer , PBIT Director
Tahir Rasheed, CEO, SPFC Director
Vacant Director