Message from the Secretary

Forestry Wild Life & Fisheries Department Secretary - Capt. (R) Jahanzeb Khan Since the inception of Pakistan, our forests have been subjected to facing the impacts of deforestation, land degradation, grazing pressure and land conversion for agrarian purposes etc. There was always a need to establish such an entity, which can promote sustainable forestry investments to augment the available financial resources from public sector.

In this respect, the Government of Punjab has undertaken a revolutionary step in promoting sustainable forest management through the establishment of South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC). The company has been established to promote commercial forestry, with a higher aim to save the existing forests and planting the blank forest areas in Punjab.

The company is mandated to seek private investments for raising tree plantations on blank forest land of the Government of the Punjab in Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan Civil Divisions of South Punjab. SPFC aspires to combine forest conservation with sustainable economic development and encouraging investments in assets that can be established and managed on environmentally and socially sustainable basis.

As Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) is a dynamic and new concept in Pakistan, I am confident that the SPFC team will ensure that private investment would provide goods and services to the local inhabitants. I am also optimistic that this initiative will not only ensure the sustained production of wood as an important renewable raw material, but indirectly reduce pressure on the adjoining ecosystems of the allotted areas. Furthermore, it will reduce the dependency on raw material imports from overseas and would contribute in saving the import bill of the country.

On behalf of the Government of the Punjab, I wish South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) all the best in future endeavors.

Capt. (R) Jahanzeb Khan