Message from the Secretary

Forestry Wild Life & Fisheries Department Secretary<!-- - Muhammad Haroon Rafique--> Since the inception of Pakistan, our forests have been suffering from deforestation and land degradation, grazing pressure and land conversion for agriculture uses etc. A need was felt to establish an entity that can increase investments in the forestry sector from the public sector and eventually contribute to conserve the existing forests of Pakistan.

The Government of Punjab has undertaken a revolutionary step in the field of sustainable forest management by establishing South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC). A Section42 Company, SPFC aims to promote commercial forestry and range management in Pakistan by giving the land to investors for 15 years under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode through a competitive bidding process.

It is an innovative way to raise plantations which will produce sustainable farmed wood that will be supplied to the wood-based industries, thus reducing demand on imported wood and also yield handsome returns to the investors.

I firmly believe that the initiative will afforest the blank forest land of the Government of the Punjab in Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan Civil Divisions of South Punjab and yield numerous socio-ecological benefits.

The Government of Punjab has taken a lead by introducing the concept for the first time in Pakistan and I am confident that the team of SPFC will turn this dream into a reality.

The Secretary,
Forestry Wildlife & Fisheries Department