Board of Directors

Board of Directors Designation
Vacant Chairman
Secretary, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department Director
Additional Secretary (ES), Finance Department Director
Chief (Agri), Planning & Development Department Director
Chief Executive Officer , PBIT Director
Ashiq Ahmed Khan, Forestry Expert Director
Tahir Rasheed, CEO, SPFC Director
Vacant Director
Vacant Director
Vacant Director

Tahir Rasheed, CEO, SPFC

SPFC Board Member and CEO - Tahir Rasheed Tahir Rasheed is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC). As a CEO at SPFC, he ensures the effective implementation of the company, examines the overall progress, outputs and impacts of implemented programmes, identifies bottlenecks, proposes solutions and substantiates planning.

Prior to joining SPFC, he worked with different international and national organizations in different capacities. He also served as the General Manager LEAD-Pakistan, CEO of IUCN's Sustainable Use Specialist Group-Central Asia (SUSG-C Asia).

He has been working in the field of community based natural resource management since 1990. During his career, he acquired the necessary skills of community based planning, monitoring & evaluation, developing linkages & coordination, and implementing integrated conservation and developmental projects especially with local communities across Pakistan. Based on his qualification and practical understanding of environmental and social issues, he has been involved in conducting a number of socio-ecological studies, developing policy documents (management plans, Development and Conservation Plans, manuals etc) and also provided professional input to WWF-Indo-China, Vietnam Kalpavriksh India in formulating Environmental Education Strategy and national report on Community Conserved Areas of Pakistan. Simultaneously he has also been serving as a master trainer in the field of environment and development for governmental and non-governmental institutions.

His interests include conserving biodiversity, empowering grassroots organizations, and sustainable management of natural resources. He is concerned with the linkages between the environment and development and the way international negotiations affect indigenous communities. Mr. Rasheed holds Masters degree in Forestry and Rural Development with a specialization in watershed management.