Vision & Mission

South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) aims to seek private investments for raising tree plantations on 99,077 acres of land of the Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department, Government of the Punjab, in five districts of South Punjab which include Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh and D.G. Khan.

The company is following the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to help reduce deforestation in Punjab and ensuring that forest conservation goes hand-in-hand with sustainable economic development. The initiative will help to promote sustainable forestry, which will provide sustainable farmed wood to the wood-based industry, thus contributing to reducing the import bill at large.

SPFC will combine socially and environmentally responsible forestry investments with unique potential for stable and attractive returns through participation in the value chain of competitive and sustainable industries.

SPFC's business philosophy has three pillars:-

  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • A balanced portfolio of wood fibre end-uses
  • Cost and quality competitive Projects

The company believes that this approach will generate both long-term capital appreciation for partners and an attractive and sustainable income yield. SPFC will seek investments in forestry projects that are or will be certified by a reputable forest management certification scheme.