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South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) commemorates World Wetlands Day 2018

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February 02, 2018: SPFC commemorated the World Wetlands Day 2018, as Tahir Rasheed, CEO, SPFC participated as a guest speaker at an event organized by Hashoo Foundation at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE). The event aimed to sensitize the students of PIDE regarding the importance of wetlands and how they can help to fight climate change. Tahir Rasheed further informed that these wetlands are helpful in controlling temperatures and conserving biodiversity.

He further said, ‘The role of wetlands in reducing the impacts of floods is vital, as the Ramsar Advisory Mission which visited Pakistan in 2012 in response to the Super Floods of 2010, advised that the Ramsar Sites that lie along the main river and the adjacent floodplains could be restored and managed to increase their floodwater storage capacity, as a response to the devastating floods that took place in August 2010’.

Tahir Rasheed also shared his views on this year’s theme of the World Wetlands Day titled ‘Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future’ which encourages to protect the wetlands which is beneficial for the urban centers for a sustainable future. He further added that after the 18 Amendment there is a dire need to develop practical action plans for local level management of wetlands and building the capacity of the federating units. ‘The reason for decentralizing natural resource management to the local level are well recognized by the international treaties/obligations and contribute significantly to maintaining and restoring the ecological integrity of wetlands by highlighting the community well-being accordingly. Similarly local governments must be given a vital role in monitoring activities to further strengthen compliance and provide additional influence over local wetland management’ added Tahir Rasheed..

More photos of this event can be found here.

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