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Response to News Programme ‘Muqabil’ dated September 19, 2017

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South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) would like to draw attention of its followers and potential bidders towards a recent programme on electronic media in which the website of SPFC; profiles of our Chairman, CEO and Secretary, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department (FW&FD); pictures of SPFC's project sites and the website’s home page was shown without permission and distorted information aired.

The talk show ‘Muqabil’ aired on Channel 92 dated September 19, 2017, highlighted that how out of 92 million funds for afforestation in South Punjab, 42 million were used to purchase cars. Along with it, the pictures of forests were showed which were taken from SPFC's website without permission.

Furthermore, while discussing the issue of diversion of funds for afforestation, the picture of SPFC's Chairman, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari was showed along with his message available on SPFC’s website (URL: ). Also, the message of Secretary, FW&FD (URL: and CEO, SPFC (URL: was shown.

It is important to note that the issue discussed during the programme was entirely different and had no relevance to SPFC website’s home page. Similarly, there was no need to show the messages by Chairman and CEO, SPFC; and Secretary, FW&FD, as there was no connection between the issue discussed and the matter displayed.

It was tried to give an impression that SPFC was involved in this but since the anchor had no evidence, his efforts have failed. Before mentioning anything related to SPFC on the programme, the producer of ‘Muqabil’ should have contacted SPFC at least once, as the contact information and office address is available on the website: SPFC has the most transparent mechanism and it welcomes anyone who would like to see its operations.

It is the foremost responsibility of every media organization to adhere to code of ethics and should verify information before informing the masses.

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