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The heat is on

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August 26, 2018: A latest feature story published in The News on Sunday (TNS) titled ‘The heat is on’ revolves around the recently published research on Hothouse Earth. The research has revealed that increasing temperatures can push the earth system towards its limits, which if breached, could prevent the stabilization of the climate and lead to continued warming, even if emissions are reduced.

The writer has interviewed Tahir Rasheed, CEO, South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) for the story, and his views can be found below:-

Tahir Rasheed, Chief Executive Officer of South Punjab Forest Company (SPFC) and a senior environmentalist, warned that in Pakistan hothouse earth will lead to massive forest fires, extreme drought, abrupt rainfall patterns, increasing flash floods and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) and heatwaves in urban centres.

Tahir Rasheed expressed concern that the deadly phenomenon can make the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) further difficult. He said, “Humans as a society should collectively address this menace. Population control, emission reductions, geoengineering and climate smart agricultural practices are few areas that need attention to prevent the world from embarking upon the hothouse pathway”.

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