SPFC regularly publishes its monthly newsletter, aimed to sensitize the investors, public, research community, media and academia, about the activities of the organization. We firmly believe in educating the masses about sustainable forestry investments, so that SPFC can achieve its goal of providing sustainable farmed wood to the wood-based industries, eventually reducing logging pressure on the existing forests of Pakistan.

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June 26, 2018:Newsletter 7, Jan-May 2018

November 06, 2017:Newsletter 6, October 2017

October 04, 2017:Newsletter 5, July-September 2017

April 04, 2017:Newsletter 4, March 2017

March 02, 2017:Newsletter 3, February 2017

February 03, 2017:Newsletter 2, January 2017

January 02, 2017:Newsletter 1, Oct-Dec 2016